1. Online Shop

Having specialized in classical string instruments of the violin family

(violins, viola’s, cello’s and double basses),

since 1989, I came into contact with many types of instruments and accessories, and I gradually realize that there is a great need for an online shop with respect to those instruments, strings and accessories because of the following shortcomings that I have encountered in South Africa:

  • Lack of technical knowledge of classical string instruments and accessories in this business environment

  • Absence of businesses in general catering for a wide variety of more advanced instruments and accessories. Entry level/student instruments are well-represented

  • The availability of stock is in many cases unreliable

  • Prices are sometimes excessive

The “Hannes Jacobs violins” online shop is presently one of the most extensive online shops in South Africa, and the range of products will be extended over time. All products listed are directly imported by “Hannes Jacobs Violins” to ensure a reliable and cost effective supply. I have a real desire to provide an excellent service to the music community in South Africa. Please feel free to contact me if:

  • You need advice on any aspect of classical string instruments or accessories

  • If you have a special requirement or looking for a specific product

  • If you want me to keep stock of a specific product

  • If you can find the same product at a lower price elsewhere

  • Or for any other reason relating to classical string instruments




2. Repair and restoration

We do professional repairs to all instruments.
Hannes Jacobs Violins specializes in the repair of classical string instruments (Violins, viola’s, cellos and double basses).

We have done almost every repair possible since 1998, and have also developed new methods of repairing certain defects effectively and economically.

We cater for the whole range of instruments from entry level/student instruments to
professional instruments.
We set up instruments for optimum sound and playability

3. Bow repair and rehairing
We do all bow repairs and rehairing. We just use the best quality bow hair.

4. Instrument appraisals

5. Trade in used instruments
We buy and sell used instruments.

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