“I have known Hannes for many years – his passion and dedication to his work has always fascinated me! His extreme attention to details and seemingly unending patience are qualities that make him one of South Africa’s leading violin makers and restorers. THANK YOU HANNES!”

Miroslav Chakaryan – Concertmaster of the JPO

“Hannes Jacobs has been working on my cello and bows for many years and I have always been very satisfied with his meticulous work. He is good at repairing instruments, setting the sound post, making bridges and rehairing bows. He did an amazing job of fixing a Hill bow of mine that broke many years ago and the repair is still invisible and working fine! After having much trouble to get a bridge cut to my satisfaction in Washington DC and NYCin the USA, Hannes cut a bridge and set the sound post in such a way that the cello is sounding better than in many years! He is trustworthy and works with care, takes as much time as it needs to satisfy his customers and his prices are very reasonable. His cellos are beautifully made and have an even, warm sound. I recommend him to professionals as well as well as students with no hesitation.”

Heleen du Plessis –

Professional cellist and teacher

“Having experienced a wide spectrum of services provided by luthier Hannes Jacobs – instrument sales, accessories, repair work, violin making – I can recommend him with confidence and enthusiasm as a resource to any string player, whether a student or professional. He is a person of rare integrity who takes pride in quality work and service.”

Prof. Piet Koornhof –

Professional violinist and teacher

“I have had the pleasure and privilege of playing Hannes’s beautiful violins and violas. His instruments are made using the finest tone woods and are master crafted. The care and superb workmanship he puts into each and every instrument gives his instruments not only their beautiful look and sound, but also a personality of their own. The glorious varnish, set-up and choice of strings is carefully thought out. His final result is a top of the range master handcrafted violin or viola which is designed and executed with passion, utmost precision, commitment and last but not least love. Hannes loves to make instruments and it shows! They are superb!”

Serge Cuca  –

Ex-concertmaster Cape Town symphony orchestra(1992-97), ex-concertmaster Cape Town philharmonic(1997-2000), part time lecturer UP(2005-present), leader of the JMI orchestra(2005-present)

“Hannes Jacobs is in my opinion one of the best violinmakers and restorers in South Africa. Having been in the music industry for quite a number of years, I had encountered various violin builders and restorers. Hannes’s work is always of outstanding quality. He is incredibly dedicated to what he does and is always actively striving to enrich his knowledge and skills.
I recently entrusted him with a very old violin that was in tatters and Hannes did a sterling job of restoring the instrument. One of my students bought a violin that Hannes had made, and I am incredibly impressed by the fantastic tone, which is improving by the day, and also the ease of playing his instruments. 
I would recommend Hannes to build or restore instruments, as well as rehairing bows, without any hesitation whatsoever.”

Annake de Villiers –

Professional violinist

Having experienced many luthiers internationally, I have no hesitation to highly recommend Hannes Jacobs. His knowledge and passion of string instruments along with his careful thoroughness is evident in his own instrument making as well as in his repairs. It gives one peace of mind to leave your instrument with him, knowing it is in very good hands.

Prof. Anmari van der Westhuizen- Professor in cello and Head of the Odeion String Quartet

“Hannes Jacobs is a skillful luthier, making instruments of a high quality. I have played on four of his cello’s of which each possesses a sonorous tone quality with a variety of timbres, making it suitable for ensemble, orchestral or recital performance.”

Carel Henn –

Professional cellist and teacher



It has been my pleasure to be acquainted with Hannes Jacobs over the past few years and got to know him as a man of great integrity and fine judgment. I first met him when he came to me with his fine hand made cellos. I especially enjoyed the power and resonance of the cello and felt very comfortable with the strong build quality of the instruments. Over the years he not only worked on my own cello but also on a few cello’s and bows of my students, and his work has always been of the highest quality. He is well informed concerning the manufacturing, repairing and especially the technical aspects concerning stringed instruments. He has always been very concerned to satisfy my instrumental needs 100% and will go beyond the extra mile to have me feel comfortable and happy with whatever work has been done or purchases made. I can strongly recommend Hannes to take care of any stringed instrument or bow.”

Dr. Anzel Gerber – professional cellist and teacher

“When I bought my viola from Hannes Jacobs at the beginning of 2007, I was amazed by the ease at which it played, and the ever-developing tone quality of the instrument. Today, I am still amazed at the wonderful sound it produces, and every day leads to a new discovery of this dynamic instrument. I have played in master classes with many international teachers, and they are all impressed with my viola. Its sound rises above an orchestra when playing a concerto, but it can also blend with other instruments when playing chamber music. I am very impressed with my viola, and am looking forward to a long future with it.”

Kate Moore –

Professional Violist

“Whenever a string player asks me to recommend a violin maker, I always recommend Hannes. I can’t imagine sending my cello or bow to anyone else! Many thanks Hannes – I can’t believe you can be so modest about your talents, too!!”

Susan Mouton –

Principal cellist of the JPO

“I have played on several of Hannes Jacobs’s violins. They have a beautiful, round, yet powerful sound. The neck width, height of the bridge and distance between the strings and fingerboard makes it most comfortable to play. The directness with which the violins “speak” or react to an impulse of the player is impressive, enabling the violinist to play most expressively. The carrying sound quality in all its registers is remarkable.

The instruments are suitable for chamber, solo as well as concerto performances. The craftsmanship is every much as good as violins that I have seen in Cremona, Florence and London.”

Johanna Roos –

Professional violinist and teacher