Please contact us for a quote for products that you do not find on our shop.
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1. Online Shop

​The “Hannes Jacobs violins” online shop is presently one of the most extensive online shops in South Africa, and the range of products will be extended over time. All products listed are directly imported by “Hannes Jacobs Violins” to ensure a reliable and cost effective supply.

I have a real desire to provide an excellent service to the music community in South Africa. Please feel free to contact me if:

-You need advice on any aspect of classical string instruments or accessories
-If you have a special requirement or looking for a specific product
-If you want me to keep stock of a specific product
-If you can find the same product at a lower price elsewhere

2. Repair and Restoration

We do professional repairs to all instruments. Hannes Jacobs Violins specializes in the repair of classical string instruments (Violins, violas, cellos and double basses).

We have done almost every repair possible since 1998, and have also developed new methods of repairing certain defects effectively and economically. We cater for the whole range of instruments from entry level/student instruments to professional instruments. We set up instruments for optimum sound and playability

3. Bow Repair and Rehairing

We do all bow repairs and rehairing. We just use the best quality bow hair.

4. Instrument Appraisals

We use our years of expertise for appraisals on your instrument.

5. Trade-in Used Instruments

We buy and sell used instruments.

We Work Hard To Provide You With The Best Instruments And Instrument Restoration

I have been interested in violins from a very young age. It was only during my second year as a student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch that I was able to start formal violin lessons, with which I continued for a period of 7 years. Thereafter my engineering career took over, but I gradually started to increase my knowledge of violin making, repairing and restoration. In 2002 I started violinmaking and -repairing on a full-time basis, a decision that I have never regretted.

During this period I was a member of the Catgut Acoustical Society in the USA, as well as of the Southern Californian Violin Makers Association. I also visited trade fairs in Frankfurt and Cremona to get a better overall insight into the world of musical instruments.

Qualified violinmakers from Mittenwald in Germany have also worked in my workshop which also provided valuable information regarding the making and restoration of stringed instruments.

I work from my home in Pretoria, where I have my workshop.

My son Cobus is working with me and is also an experienced instrument repairer.

Having specialized in classical string instruments of the violin family (violins, viola’s, cello’s and double basses) since 1989, I came into contact with many types of instruments and accessories, and I gradually realize that there is a great need for an online shop with respect to those instruments, strings and accessories because of the following shortcomings that I have encountered in South Africa:

  • Lack of technical knowledge of classical string instruments and accessories in this business environment

  • Absence of businesses in general catering for a wide variety of more advanced instruments and accessories. Entry level/student instruments are well-represented

  • The availability of stock is in many cases unreliable

  • Prices are sometimes excessive

Please contact us for a quote for products that you do not find on our shop.


What our clients say

I have played on several of Hannes Jacobs’s violins. They have a beautiful, round, yet powerful sound. The neck width, height of the bridge and distance between the strings and fingerboard makes it most comfortable to play.

The directness with which the violins “speak” or react to an impulse of the player is impressive, enabling the violinist to play most expressively. The carrying sound quality in all its registers is remarkable. 

The instruments are suitable for chamber, solo as well as concerto performances. The craftsmanship is every much as good as violins that I have seen in Cremona, Florence and London.”

Johanna Roos

Professional violinist and teacher

We’ve known Hannes for many years now and bought a few of his violins since we were in high school. He’s always ready to help, be it with maintenance, new strings, cases or accessories (all string players)… His service is not only personal but of the highest quality.

Carin Jansen van Vuuren

Professional violinist and teacher

“Whenever a string player asks me to recommend a violin maker, I always recommend Hannes. I can’t imagine sending my cello or bow to anyone else! Many thanks Hannes – I can’t believe you can be so modest about your talents, too!!”

Susan Mouton

Professional cellist, Principle cellist at the JPO and teacher

An expert, but also humble, violin maker. A man who is deemed entirely trustworthy by his clients, rating the instruments he sells at their true value. A delight to deal with – my impression is that, with him, one is on the hands of a true professional.

Ingrid Salzmann

Having experienced many luthiers internationally, I have no hesitation to highly recommend Hannes Jacobs. His knowledge and passion of string instruments along with his careful thoroughness is evident in his own instrument making as well as in his repairs. It gives one peace of mind to leave your instrument with him, knowing it is in very good hands.

Prof. Anmari van der Westhuizen

Professor in cello at the University of the Free State and Head of the Odeion String Quartet

“Hannes Jacobs is in my opinion one of the best violinmakers and restorers in South Africa. Having been in the music industry for quite a number of years, I had encountered various violin builders and restorers. Hannes’s work is always of outstanding quality. He is incredibly dedicated to what he does and is always actively striving to enrich his knowledge and skills. I recently entrusted him with a very old violin that was in tatters and Hannes did a sterling job of restoring the instrument. One of my students bought a violin that Hannes had made, and I am incredibly impressed by the fantastic tone, which is improving by the day, and also the ease of playing his instruments.

I would recommend Hannes to build or restore instruments, as well as rehairing bows, without any hesitation whatsoever.”

Annake de Villiers

Professional violinist

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